• Placement

    Have a great idea on where to place your vending machine? Or need help? We've got you covered. We reach out directly to the source to set up the best placement for you. Let us do the hard work.

  • Cashless Payment Options

    Choose between a drink machine, a snack machine or both. Adding card reader to your machines as well as the option to place multiple machines.

  • Operate Coast to Coast

    We operate coast to coast to extend our services all over providing professional installation and delivery.

Delivery, Installation & Warranty

We provide free delivery services to your location at no cost to you. Installation and set up is done all in the same day! Warranty on your machine is also an option.

  • Do we have to find our own location ?

    Here at HCBsolutions we assist with providing basic or high value locations where you are based.

  • Do we need to have our own machine ?

    We provide various vending machine options for you as well as helping to assist if you may already have a vending machine with placement.

  • Does it matter where I'm located ?

    No, we have a team to assist with finding you a location based on your city and zip code in any state.

Cold Drinks Vending Machines

Cold Drinks

Every gets thirsty right? Looking to set up a cold drink vending machine filled with sports drinks, water or even iced coffee? We've got just what your looking for.

Snacks vending machines


Who doesn't love a good snack every now & again? Interested in setting up your vending machine with snacks people will love. We've got just what your looking for.